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Please read through this information first. These are typical questions that people ask me. 

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Counselling and Therapy Lagos Algarve Portugal

I’m not sure what to expect?

If you've never had sessions with a therapist before, you may be worried about what to expect. Generally, people feel greatly relieved that they’ve made this decision – it’s the first step in resolving what is worrying you, and will help you move forward to a much happier future.

In our sessions, I will ask you helpful questions so that you can explore what is troubling you without feeling judged. This will help you more clearly identify the patterns and belief systems that are playing out in your life.

Along with our conversations, I’ll teach you specific tools and techniques to help you overcome your problems. These are lifelong tools which you can take away and practice by yourself.

I also sometimes offer homework worksheets for you to take away and fill in.These are very useful for identifying unhelpful habits of thinking and behaving and to start practising more helpful ways of being.

What qualifications and experience do you have?

I’ve been helping people for over 25 years. I have training in several different therapies, as below.

My qualifications are:

• Honours Degree in Applied Psychology
• Post Graduate: Advanced Diploma in Counselling
• Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision
• Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Counselling
• Certified Practitioner Level 2 in EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques
• Certified Practitioner in Matrix Reimprinting
• Accredited Practitioner Level 2 EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

What type of therapies do you offer?

Specifically, I help my clients by utilising and teaching the following list of therapies:

Talk Therapy
Transactional Analysis
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Matrix Reimprinting

Couples Therapy

Do you provide extra resources?

Absolutely, extra resources are an integral part of how I help my clients. They are accessible online for my clients to download and use in their own time.

How long are the therapy sessions?

Sessions are for 1 hour. This is longer than standard counselling and therapy sessions which are 45- 50 minutes In my experience a full hour works well for clients. This is reflected in the fee.

I can also offer 90-minute sessions if this is a better fit for your schedule.

How much will my sessions cost?

block of 6 sessions


or 2 x payments of €490

block of 12 sessions


or 3 x payments of €610

How often will I have therapy sessions?

This is very much dependent on what is troubling you, your availability and your budget. 

If you have a pressing issue, you may like to start with sessions once or twice per week, then attend less frequently.
Some clients prefer to attend fortnightly, monthly or even every six weeks. We can discuss this and I can help you decide which will be the best option for you.

Why would I want to book a block of sessions?

Apart from the discount, booking a block of sessions can be helpful for your progress. It gives you a sense of continuity, and feeling focused on exploring your issues as an ongoing process.

However, if you prefer to book your sessions one by one, that is perfectly fine too.

Where are you located?

*** Due to the pandemic I am currently seeing clients online via Skype, Zoom or a camera app of your choice.

To get in touch, please fill out the form below, or Call/WhatsApp on either:

+351 920 203 933


+44 7429 440968

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